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Why choose Code 4 Technologies?


Our team consists entirely of US based & US citizen personnel only. We are committed to continuous learning, ensuring our technical expertise remains at the forefront of the industry.  Our staff holds a variety of certifications including but not limited to Microsoft 365 and Azure, Microsoft AI and analytics, Microsoft Power Platform, Security +, Cisco, Sonicwall, and more. 


Embark on your Digital Transformation journey with us.  A Microsoft Silver Partner we empower organizations by harnessing the power of Microsoft Cloud, integrating cutting-edge capabilities and paradigms. Our approach is rooted in industry best practices for IT and cybersecurity, leveraging frameworks such as the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, the Microsoft CyberSecurity Reference Architecture, and the Microsoft Zero Trust Reference Architecture. Let’s redefine your digital landscape together.” We will help you do more with less, mitigate risks, and ultimately lower your overall IT ownership costs.  


Trust - The provider you choose is going to safeguard one of your company's most valuable and treasured assets - your data.  They are also going to be partly responsible for the productivity of your employees - email that must work, office applications must work, and employees must be able to access data when they're away from the office.  Processes must be in place to assure the safe keeping of the data.  You need to KNOW that this is taking place - you will want to fully TRUST your service provider who will for all practical purposes become a trusted business advisor. We fortify your sensitive data and intellectual property by operating exclusively within your Microsoft Azure cloud boundary, no raw logs or sensitive information ever leaves that boundary, employing the finest practices in connectivity, including remote access and assistance. Our adherence to the Microsoft Zero Trust framework ensures minimal exposure with ‘just enough and just in time’ access. Unlike other providers who resort to insecure connectivity methods such as guest access, we guarantee secure connections to your environment using the least privilege principle through Microsoft’s Granular Delegated Access Permissions (GDAP). Choose us for a safer, more secure digital experience.”


We are a VOSB, Veteran Owned Small Business, through the US Department of Veterans  Affairs


Our business and services operation model is simple - customer focused, customer centric, partnership driven.  We build our relationship and partnership by being open, honest, and transparent.  If this means we end projects early, recommend a solution outside our skill set, or even support a competing interest we will do it - if it is the right thing to do for you. We align our interests and fiduciary duties to yours - meaning we don't bill more when your infrastructure breaks more - because with our proactive services we mitigate downtime and service failure as much as possible. 

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