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Microsoft Modern Workplace

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the ways companies use technology to empower employees, optimize operations, transform products, and engage customers. 

The primary factors that are driving this transformation include:

  • With business landscape and customer expectations evolving daily, there is a shift away from routine tasks and hierarchical decisions - to a way of operating that requires every employee to be creative, think critically and collaborate with others to address the task at hand - and harnessing employee ingenuity is becoming a critical part for businesses to stay successful and relevant

  •  For the first time in human history, we have five generations in the workforce (with millennials projected to be 50% of workforce by 2020) 

  • As a result, the workforce has become increasingly diverse and mobile, with individuals working across multiple locations and multiple devices throughout the workday

  • And teamwork has been essential to the way work gets done. Organizations are more networked, helping to manage the increased flow of information and making insights more discoverable

  • People have new expectations for how and why we work – seeking physical and digital workspaces that feel inclusive and open where they can easily share and connect and work together

  • With modern technology people, teams and companies can now discover and connect to the best expertise available, without geographical or physical boundaries – and it allows subject matter experts to scale their knowledge to the broadest extent

  • Social networks and ubiquitous connectivity promote increased transparency - helping people and businesses to be more agile to respond quickly to new information and market needs. And, of course businesses are staying focused on maintaining an environment that’s safe and secure and protecting against cyber threats

But at its core, digital transformation is all about people. People are what make this happen, not technology. We help your organization leverage tools to help our people do their best work. We need to be able to do that securely, more creatively. We help you to be able to inspire a new generation of workers entering the workforce. This starts with fostering a culture of work that is inspiring for everyone.

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