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Intelligent compliance and risk management solutions

IDC estimates that in 2025, the world will create and replicate 163ZB of data, representing a tenfold increase from the amount of data created in 2016. In the past organizations primarily dealt with documents and emails. But now they're also dealing with instant messaging, video files, images, plus IOT.

Managing this data overload and the variety of devices from which it is created is complicated.  There are many categories of solutions, and within each, there are even more solutions to choose from.  Many companies are struggling to decide how many of those solutions they need and where to start, and using multiple solutions means integration & management challenge.  


Enabling the "modern workplace".  A digital transformation that leverages new capabilities and paradigms. 


Code 4 helps organizations meet regulatory requirements set forth by their customers across the federal government and foreign nations. Regulation focus areas are CMMC, DFARS, NIST, and GDPR; however, C4 project experience far exceeds these listed. Services come in these forms:


  • Office 365 Tenant Assessment and Baseline

  • Tenant Design Customization

  • Detailed Requirements Definition and Prioritization

  • Cyber Incident Report


Taking Code 4 Tech's regulatory compliance services past initial tenant configuration and baselining of your Microsoft platform/systems, the vast majority of projects lead into further custom work to adequately protect secure and classified information. Common areas of customization:


  • Microsoft Unified Endpoint Manager(MDM / Intune)

  • Azure Information Protection (AIP)

  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • O365 Application Security Configuration

  • Microsoft 365 Information Protection


Code 4 takes organizational and functional business requirements and translate them into custom security and governance solutions. By custom, the intent is to take best practices and Code 4's leading innovations and apply them to your unique business case. Often this means applying out of the box Microsoft products in a way that is suitable to the way you work, yet protects your organization, users, and IP. Example outcomes or implementations:


  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

  • Office 365 Cloud App Security

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Microsoft Unified Endpoint Manager (MDM) and MFA

  • Governance Documentation and Policies


By deploying premium security features; the Code 4 team can increase your organization’s secure cloud portfolio. Code 4 works with varying organizations to plan their move to Azure or better manage the current environment they have in the cloud. Some specific areas covered:


  • Azure Security Center

  • AAD B2C / B2B

  • MFA

  • Domain Services

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